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Currently wanted:

Professionals (for Shared Offices / Partnership, providing Work Experience and Clientele, qualified entrants welcome):

  • 1 Lawyer / Lawyer Specialist Labour Law
  • 1 Lawyer
  • 1 Tax Accountant


  • 1 Cleaner

Please send your application to the firm.

Professionals´ unsolicited applications appreciated at any time!

Email: info@legalnet.de
Declaration under Art. 5 German Tele Media Law (= German TMG), Art. 2 Sct. 1 German Services Information Ordinance (= German DLInfoV):
Lawyer, Job Title assigned in the Federal Republic of Germany
Member of the 
Nuernberg Bar Association, Germany
Supervis. Authority under German Professional Code of Practice: 
Nuernberg Bar Association, Germany
Practice under German BRAO, BORA, FAO, RVG, European CCBE (full wording see
Legal Malpractice Insurance as a lawyer: Allianz Versicherung AG, 85769 Unterföhring (insurance coverage does not include liability claims out of services rendered through offices or firms established or maintained in other countries than Germany as well as services rendered in connection with counselling on and working with Non-European law as well as lawyers' services rendered before Non-European courts)
Professional Malpractice Insurance as an interpreter / translator: Allianz Versicherung AG, 85769 Unterföhring (insurance coverage does not - as far as not EU member countries are concerned - include liability claims asserted before foreign courts or because of the violation or nonobservance of foreign law or because of services rendered in a foreign country; regarding EU member countries insurance coverage does not include claims based on services rendered abroad through foreign subsidiary companies, foreign branch establishments, foreign branch offices of any kind or through companies associated by cooperation agreements as far as such claims are not included by a special agreement)
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